... Thézan-les-Béziers - Market Square & City Hall

...Vineyards as far as the eye

Distance views over a beautiful region

Look at the orchard!
In the small southern French town of picturesque Thézan-les-Béziers between old vineyards you can participate in a sculpture course, which special offers:

The course is bilingual in German and French, and we headed by the sculptor Elke Montreal, who has lived almost 20 years in France, then completed her training and now lives in Thézan-les-Béziers and works. She grew up Havixbeck, a small town in the mountains, tree, one of the most traditional stonemason and sculptor regions in Germany, in the heart of the Münsterland.

The course is just outside the village Thézan-les-Béziers, instead of lying on an old orchard surrounded by vines. Enjoy a vision in the beautiful countryside and have room for a relaxing and pleasant stay course.

The Bathers - why not also in the Mediterranean?

Of course, Elke Montreal offers the opportunity to know their new home better and will accompany you to the region or even the relaxing "afternoon splashing" in the nearby Mediterranean Sea or to visit a marble or limestone quarry.

You learn about the history of natural stone in the region and can also witnesses to the centuries-old tradition, such as Mittelaterliche the Carcassone City and other attractions such as the Pont du Gard in Nimes to visit and much more. Did you know that also in the south of France still bull fights are held?

A black bull - as in the bullfighting arenas in the south of France and Spain


You are accompanied carefully ...

and have much room for own creations

and your own work rhythm

and all the freedom for your ideas and wishes in the sculpture.