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Annette, Adrie, Anneke, Mieke and Sjoukje Autie!

"Elke helped me see the sculptur!
Elke taught us how easy it can be to work with the hardest stones!
She's a good companion in search of the forms in stone.
Now we have no more fear of the hard stones!
I was inspired by an anatomy lesson.
Elke is a good "teacher" with humor in a stimulating atmosphere.
We found plenty of room to create our own art ... "

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For me the five days were in your sculpture course a great creative enrichment. I think I've got to taste the sculpture, because it is something completely different, what I do every day in my profession. For me it was a great challenge to translate that, what I had imagined. Since it was the first time for me to create a sculpture made of stone, was the result of the more amazing for me. I never expected that I would take out such a demanding female nude lying in the relatively short time. The first day I had therefore also real doubts whether I would ever be able herauszumodellieren an act of stone. Your experience in sculpture and the assistance that you gave me, made me be motivated again and again to find the right workflow. Also modeled the color template has helped me in implementing much. We have also seen that from the second day I found it easier to see the two-dimensional three-dimensional. It inspired me the space, which is why I've always been in the studio. I think that it will not be my last sculpture, and it has shown me that there is a very good thing off. My sculpture has now also get a terrace room, where you can enjoy every day all over again at the sight of « Mme Sète » our Gallery.





From the beginning I was impressed at the sculpture that you must have the courage, "ran to go to the stone", that you, if you a piece breaks off, keep carrying - trying to make your character yet finished, even if you do it need to change your original plan. - Just as in life, even if some times is not what you have planned it, you have to find another way in which you're walking.

The stone shows you how you can make your project, ask your finished sculpture - even if it is not always what you thought at the beginning.

Sculpture requires flexibility - and patience!