Good Afternoon and welcome

I love it that you visit my information pagaes, maybe learn something about my Sculptorcourses in southern France or even about my work as a sculptor.

As you already know my name is Elke Montreal and I was born and grww up in Germany. ;-) My first deep Experience with the stone and my training as a stone sculptor, and further studies but I have made in France.

Since 1994 now i'am living and working here in southern France, the little wine village Thézan-les-Beziers in the department Herault.

I am happy to accompany people interested, I offer as part of the sculpture classes, on the expedition to the stones, in the "slightly different sense of life in the South of France" and "self-discovery to work on and in stone". Of course you can also use the courses to brush up your French language skills and deepen. In my studio you take the courses at people from the region who cooperate in some cases for years with me and develop the fun of working with the stone on.

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My courses are aimed at absolute lay in sculpture as well as to people who have worked with stone and some experience. I would like to accompany you to your new experience Grne paths with the local stone, with the language and the French life style ... in short, the French culture in Southern France.

May I invite you to the following pages further and more detailed with my services and my personal projects? Gladly I am available for questions and appointment requests by telephone and by e-mail available.

CU in France
Elke Montreal